Saturday, June 2, 2012

Memorial Day at Mesker Park Zoo

We spent Memorial Day 2012 taking Cassidy to Mesker Park Zoo for the first time. You know what I love? I love that the animals that wouldn't have caught our attention before now give us the most excitement and opportunities to stop and marvel. Our baby girl turns the mundane things of every day life into reasons to celebrate and thank God. No wonder we love her so much!

Mommy and Cassidy in Amazonia

Daddy and Cassidy are bird watching.

Daddy and Cassidy in the jungle

Pink birds are awesome!


Cassidy checks out the huge fish!

Who's this guy?

Our new duck friend

A heck of a time to be without bread

Our big girl


  1. too sweet!! She looks WAY to big in that last picture!

  2. cute pictures love Aunt Sherry