Monday, May 14, 2012

Cassidy's First Trip to the Zoo

Cassidy's first trip to the zoo was to support her awesome cousin for 22Q at the Zoo day. On April 22, 2012, we went to the St. Louis Zoo in St. Louis, MO in honor of 22Q at the Zoo Worldwide Awareness Day. Cassidy's new baby cousin has 22Q Deletion Syndrome or Digeorge Syndrome, but we just think it makes his "super" status even superer!
Cassidy and Mommy at the St. Louis Zoo

Uncle Philip and Cassidy. She thinks he's okay since there's
a baba involved.

Mommy, Daddy, and the Super Boy

He's cute, right?
You can't visit the animals on an empty tummy!

She loves him.

Cassidy and Nancy, two Cherokee girls

Nancy gives Cassidy her baba.

I think they like each other.
Cassidy takes a power nap before venturing into the zoo.
Daddy takes this job very seriously.
He thinks he's the baby whisperer.

Nancy,  Philip, and Daryl are excited about a fun day.

Mommy and Cassidy check out the goats at the children's zoo.

Cassidy has never seen a goat before, but she reached
up to pet it all by herself.
Goats are so awesome!

Mommy and Cassidy love the rabbits.

Rabbits are awesome, too!
Cassidy thinks everything is awesome!
She loves life.

Daddy and Cassidy are always happy together.

They love each other.

"Haha! A hippo is gonna eat me!"

Cassidy Nicole

Mommy and Cassidy are having fun!

Now we're sea lions! Hahahahaha.

Strolling through the zoo

Sting Ray Cove
Cassidy rides the carousel.

She's pooped!
Cassidy with her super cousin

Did you notice that there are no pictures of Cassidy with the elephants or giraffes or zebras or lions or tigers or any of those other really cool zoo animals? Just goats and rabbits. LOL. We went all the way to the St. Louis Zoo, spent the night in a hotel, sat in a traffic jam for two hours, got rained on, and barely saw any animals! Haha! We're still laughing and smiling about it, because we had such a great time. Even though we were cold and wet the whole time, we would do it all over again just to see our baby girl light up and let our her signature squeal because she got to pet a goat.

She makes every moment worth living.

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